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Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under $2000

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In the world of mountain bikes, hardtails have their fair share of die-hard followers. If you are unfamiliar with hardtails, they are mountain bikes with a set of front forks and a rigid rear free of any suspension. These bikes are generally more efficient at pedaling, climbing, and cross-country riding than the full-suspension variants. Additionally, hardtails tend to be more affordable because of having less suspension-related parts.

If you are in the market for a new hardtail, there are numerous factors you need to consider to ensure you do not regret your purchase. Our in-depth guide will detail the best hardtails you can buy today for $2000 or less, as well as the essential factors to consider before making your purchase.

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes Under $2000

Huffy Hardtail 21 Speed Mountain Bike

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Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain 26 inch, 21-Speed, Lightweight, Dark Blue

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Last update was on: 16 June 2021 01:22



  • Extremely sturdy
  • Amazing looks
  • Smooth rides
  • Great value for money


  • Saddle is not very comfortable
  • Chain often comes off when changing gears

The Huffy Hardtail 21 Speed Mountain Bike is a fantastic choice for outdoor adventurers. The Huffy comes with a handy 21-speed configuration to easily conquer any trail. This hardtail is ideal for a wide range of people; if you are more than 13 years and 5 feet or taller, you will be right at home with this bike. The bike’s front suspension fork handles dips and bumps excellently, resulting in a smooth ride.

The Huffy Hardtail 21 Speed Mountain Bike comes with an ATB saddle with premium stitching on the sides. In terms of quality, this hardtail comes in a steel frame fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. At the rear, this bike features a SHIMANO TZ-31 derailleur with a nifty micro-twist shifter designed to deliver the bike’s 21 speeds upon demand for smooth uphill climbing. The derailleur has an easily removable guard. The bike uses Knobby 26-inch tires to provide excellent performance in wet and dry conditions and various terrains. The rims are made from a lightweight alloy finished in matte black to match the bike’s overall look.

To further enhance a riders’ comfort, the Huffy Hardtail 21 Speed Mountain Bike comes equipped with an innovative slight-rise handlebar that allows the rider to assume an upright position when riding, resulting in less shoulder back strain. If you are a beginner, hobbyist, or seasoned biking enthusiast, you will find this Huffy quite enjoyable to ride.

One small misgiving with this hardtail is the relatively uncomfortable saddle, making the bike unsuitable for long-distance cycling. However, you can always replace the saddle anytime you want.

Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike

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Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mounain Bike Hydraulic Disc Hardtail Best Looking MTB...

Last update was on: 16 June 2021 01:22



  • Good ground clearance
  • Excellent 100-mm fork
  • Aluminum frame is quite light


  • Warranty is dependent on the assembler
  • Crank seems to have some issues

The Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike is an impressive performance bike designed for challenging mountain trails and backed by a lifetime frame warranty. If you are not new to the biking industry, you have probably heard the name Tommaso a few times. Interestingly, this bike comes with features and components often found in bikes costing hundreds of dollars more.

The 29-inch wheels feature grippy tires that easily roll over roots, rocks, gravel, and anything you might encounter on trails. Additionally, the high clearance created by the large wheels makes climbing more effective and easier than ever. The Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike is particularly lovely for super adventurous people due to the inclusion of Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes that provide more stopping power than the more conventional mechanical discs.

This bike comes with a powerful 24-speed drivetrain that was designed for precision climbing. At the front, the bike features a Suntour SF15-XCM fork with an impressive 100-millimeters of travel. This results in fantastic comfort, especially for a hardtail. The bike’s handlebar measures 680 millimeters for excellent control and cornering.

For the frame, the Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike features an aluminum frame that is both sturdy and lightweight. If you have been using a steel-frame bike, you will most certainly notice the weight difference. Tommaso also provides its clients with a lifetime warranty on the frame. Other components on the bike are sourced from Shimano and carry a two-year warranty. One of the bike’s significant downsides is that the bike has to be assembled by an authorized dealer upon purchase for the warranty to be effective. Often, this comes at a high cost.

Savadeck Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike

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SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike, DECK2.0 MTB 26"/27.5"/29" Complete Hard Tail Mountain...

Last update was on: 16 June 2021 01:22

$1,249.00 $1,399.00


  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Class-leading light weight
  • Excellent damping by the front suspension


  • Pedals seem to have a manufacturing defect
  • Less than stellar customer service

The Savadeck Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike deviates from the more common aluminum and steel in favor of carbon fiber. This results in an unbelievably light bike that is as strong or even stronger than aluminum and steel variants. The bike’s front suspension form delivers an impressive 100mm of travel resulting in excellent damping over bumps, rocks, roots, and other surface imperfections. Additionally, riders can choose to have the fork suspension function active or inactive.

For motion, the bike uses the Shimano M2000 DEORE 3*9S Derailleur System renowned for smooth rides and shifts. The bike uses a combination of hydraulic and mechanical brakes at the front and rear to provide amazing stopping power in all conditions. The bike is also straightforward to assemble since it’s mostly packaged in pre-assembled parts that only require simple joineries and alignments. The manufacturer that the bike is usually already 95% assembled when the buyer receives it. One only needs to fix the front wheel, pedals, and seat post.

The only major problem with this bike is the manufacturer’s less than impressive customer service.

Diamondback Mason Hardtail Mountain Bike

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Mason 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike 17"/MD

Last update was on: 16 June 2021 01:22


  • Highly puncture-resistant tires
  • Drivetrain has few parts and is easy to maintain
  • Excellent 120-mm fork suspension


  • Tires are quite pricey to replace
  • Not ideal for steep climbs

The Diamondback Mason Hardtail Mountain Bike is a fun, nice-looking bike that still powers its way through rough terrain with fantastic ease. This bike features 27.5-inch tires on double-walled wheels. These significantly large tires provide excellent control and traction without the added weight of a full-suspension bike. At the front, the bike uses an XCR 34 fork suspension that provides 120mm of travel for impressive damping.

The Diamondback Mason Hardtail Mountain Bike uses a 1×10 Shimano-sourced drivetrain that only has a rear derailleur. The lack of a front derailleur means there are lesser parts to fiddle with and, thus, fewer parts to worry about replacing. If your current bike is always prone to punctures, the Mason Hardtail’s bulldozer tires will be a welcome change. They are noticeably puncture-resistant.

While the gears have more than sufficient range for moderate uphill climbs and downhill descents, the 1×10 drivetrain seems to struggle with steep climbs. On the upside, though, you can run the pressure on the bike’s tires low for amazing trail rides.

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What to Look for When Buying a Hardtail Mountain Bike

If you love off-road bike adventures, you should consider a hardtail bike since it will perform way better than full-suspension variants. However, if you have shopped around, you have realized that there are numerous brands and makes to choose from, all with different pricing, features, and looks. How, then, do you select the ideal hardtail? Well, worry not; we have compiled a list of the most important factors to consider.

Easy to Assemble

Due to packaging concerns, most hardtail bikes are sold in pre-assembled parts that the buyer then has to assemble into the full bike. For experienced cyclists, assembling a bike is most probably a walk in the park. However, the task might be overly complicated for a beginner or a rider with limited assembly and repair experience. You definitely wouldn’t want to spend an entire day assembling your new bike. It is, therefore, important to purchase an easy-to-assemble model. In particular, consider brands whose products are more than 80% assembled since this leaves you with very little work to do.
Additionally, you can also check whether the manufacturer includes the necessary tools to assemble the parts. This will save you money and time you would otherwise have spent purchasing the tools.


While hardtails are meant for off-road trails, it does not mean they should be uncomfortable. Since you might end up cycling over significantly longer distances, your bike should be acceptably comfortable. Factors such as the front fork travel, saddle quality, and frame sturdiness determine overall comfort. Go for models with at least 80mm of front suspension travel and a seat you can use for extended periods.

Build Quality

Build quality is arguably the single most important factor that results in the significant price differences between great bike brands and those you can buy off supermarket shelves. When evaluating a hardtail’s quality, you should consider its frame and components. A poor-quality bike will have you always making trips to the bike repair shop and even probably end up being unrepairable after a short time.

Often, hardtail frames are made from aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, or titanium (if money is not a problem). Aluminum is one of the most common materials, and rightly so. This metal is quite durable and inexpensive, making it a popular choice for beginner and professional bikes. Carbon fiber is extremely light, sturdy, and inflexible and can be found in premium hardtails. Steel bikes are heavier than aluminum and carbon fiber ones but are also extremely durable and sturdy. Lastly, titanium has an amazing impact resistance and shock absorption capacity due to its flexing capacity. However, if you are not looking to break the bank, you might want to avoid titanium frame hardtails.

Besides the frame, you should also ensure that components such as cassettes, derailleurs, chains, and brake discs are sourced from a reputable manufacturer. This will save you potential costs in unnecessarily frequent repairs and replacements.


Hardtails come in different sizes suitable for people of varying heights. It is important to choose a bike size with a ride height suitable for your body size. If you are relatively short, go for bikes measuring 27.5 inches and below. If you have a taller body frame, variants measuring 29 inches will be ideal. Additionally, it would be best to get a bike with sufficiently wide handlebars to give you good control and cornering capabilities. You can visit a bike shop to have a feel of the different sizes. However, keep in mind that the exact measurements of bikes labeled as small, medium, or large may vary greatly across different manufacturers.

Value for Money

Buying a hardtail bike is quite a significant purchase, especially on models costing nearly $2,000. Therefore, it is important to have a bike that will not require you to frequently visit the repair shop for replacements, maintenance, or repairs. Additionally, a good hardtail bike should handle the demanding requirements of off-road trails with ease. Ideally, a good bike should give you sufficient utility to reflect your spending.

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Hardtail bikes are certainly among the most fun bikes you can have. However, choosing one is not always an easy task due to numerous factors. When purchasing one, consider the value for money, size, build quality, comfort, and ease of assembly, and you can be guaranteed of making a great purchase. Hopefully, you will also find an amazing option among the four best ones outlined earlier.