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Men's Spin Shoes for Indoor Cycling

by LemondBikes

If you have ever had a spin class workout, you know that the footwear you choose can make all the difference in the workout. Spin shoes allow you to clip into the bike’s pedal, giving you unrivaled confidence to push the pedals as fast as you desire. These shoes often have firm, stiff soles that result in better controlled, stronger, and smoother pedaling than regular sneakers or running shoes.

As with numerous other biking accessories, spin shoes come in various designs and styles to suit different users’ needs. With the recent increase in demand and supply of indoor cycling accessories, it can be hard to choose the perfect spin shoes. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the 3 best men’s spin shoes you can buy today. Even better, we will outline several factors you should definitely consider before getting yourself a pair of spin shoes.

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Indoor Cycling Class Ready Bike Shoe...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:47



  • USA-based service staff
  • Velcro straps provide excellent fit
  • Quite durable
  • Great value for money due to the installation bundle


  • Size chart seems too random
  • Too narrow for some people

The Tommaso Strada 100 Shoes are great road-biking and indoor cycling accessories fully compatible with the Look pedal system. These shoes are designed to maximize efficiency, power transfer to the pedals, and rider’s comfort. At the bottom, the shoes feature a 3-hole pattern for outstanding clipless riding. The polyamide sole is fiberglass-reinforced for excellent durability. There are three fully low-profile hook-and-lock adjustable straps on the shoe’s upper surface to allow every user to get the perfect fit.

Keep in mind that these shoes come with Peloton-compatible Look Delta cleats. The manufacturer has taken an extra step to include everything one needs in the package; Strada shoes, installation wrench, and Look Delta cleats. Considering the shoes’ relatively pocket-friendly price, this is among the best value bundles you can get in the market. If your spin class requires you to have SPD cleats, remember to select those when making the purchase.

The Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoes’ upper sides are made from faux leather, resulting in outstanding comfort for the rider. Additionally, the sides feature ventilated mesh sections to enhance breathability and keep the user’s feet cool. The shoes come with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty, which is good enough for this product class.
The one significant issue with these shoes is the narrow size that may be unsuitable for people with broad feet.

Santic Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Santic Cycling Shoes Road Cycling Riding Shoes Road Bike Shoes with Buckle-...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:47



  • Compatible with numerous pedal systems
  • Buck and Velcro straps provide a great fit for anyone
  • Highly breathable


  • Confusing size chart
  • Less than impressive customer service

The Santic Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoes feature a handy 3-strap design fully compatible with Look ARC Delta, Peloton, Shimano, and SPD pedal systems. The shoes are made using a highly breathable TPU for enhanced rider comfort. Beneath, the shoes have U-heel cup protection that features a curved surface to conform better to the ankle and heel. This results in improved protection from twisting-related injuries while providing stability and support.

On the sides, the Santic Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoes have an adjustable buckle and Velcro straps to make them better suited for differently-shaped feet. If you are looking for spin shoes compatible with pretty much every pedal system, look no further than these Santic shoes. The Chinese manufacturer makes sales in more than 30 countries worldwide and is renowned for its durable yet fairly-priced cycling accessories.

Tommaso Strada Aria Knit Dual Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoe

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Tommaso Strada Aria Knit Lace Up Indoor Cycling Shoe with Delta Cleat,...

Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:47


  • Breathable nylon yarn
  • Durable fiberglass-reinforced sole
  • Generous 2-year warranty


  • SPD cleats stick out
  • Lace design is not as easy to use as Velcro straps

The Tommaso Strada Aria Knit Dual Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoes are the perfect spin class accessories. Keep in mind that this particular model is not Peloton compatible. If you are a beginner looking for the ideal indoor cycling shoes, you might want to consider these. The manufacturer includes an installation wrench, SPD cleats, and the Strada shoes; everything you will need in one package.

The shoes’ upper sides are made from super-strong nylon yarn to provide great comfort and breathability. Additionally, the shoes’ knitting technology is extremely durable and does not stretch out over time. With these shoes, you can enjoy an excellent spin class performance for years. The shoes also have reinforced lace areas, toe boxes, and heels. To guarantee the best fit, the shoes come with a 2-year warranty, 100% fit returns, and a 100% fit guarantee.

If you are looking for durable cycling shoes compatible with most pedal systems at a good price, you might want to consider these Tommaso shoes. The one significant problem with the shoes has to do with the lacing system. While it is not unusable, it is undoubtedly harder to use than the more conventional
Velcro and buckle systems.

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What to Look for When Buying Indoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor cycling has definitely been on the rise in many places worldwide. This is probably attributable to the ease with which one can enjoy conventional cycling benefits without having to leave the house. As with regular cycling, indoor cycling requires one to have several accessories, spin shoes included. It can be particularly daunting to choose the ideal ones among the seemingly countless options. Here is a look at the most important factors to consider before purchasing a pair for yourself.


Ideally, good indoor cycling shoes should be light enough to let you pedal for long without straining your feet’ muscles. Mostly, quality lightweight shoes are made from synthetic materials such as faux leather, nylon, and TPU. However, it is important to balance weight with durability. Do not purchase overly light spin shoes since these might often turn out to be less durable. Choose shoes with reinforced lightweight soles such as those made from fiberglass or other stiff materials.


Since you will probably be spending a considerable amount of time cycling indoors each day, it is important to have your cycling shoes as comfortable as possible. The material used on the shoe’s inner lining is among the essential factors in determining how comfortable a shoe feels. Additionally, make sure that the sole material is stiff enough to prevent the cleat bolts from pressing onto your food.


As with any other type of shoe, cycling shoes come in various designs, styles, and sizes. This makes it easy for anyone to get a size that fits them perfectly. However, the numerous options also make it very easy to get indoor spin shoes ill-suited for your foot size. Normally, fit-related problems arise from hard-to-use sizing charts, especially with foreign manufacturers or sellers. Ideally, good spin shoes should fit you as well as your regular sneakers do without requiring too much tightening on the straps. Avoid shoes that are overly narrow since they will force your foot to assume an unnatural position when cycling.

Value for Money

Your indoor cycling shoes will obviously not last as long as your bike, but they should be good to go for several years at least. Durability is key among the factors that determine spin shoes’ value for money. When buying the shoes, avoid exorbitantly priced models since there might not be much value to justify the steep price. Additionally, research thoroughly on cheap ones since they might have considerable quality compromises. Generally, pay an amount that you feel reflects the shoes’ overall quality and the utility you expect to derive from them.

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If you are a beginner or experienced indoor cyclist, good spin shoes can definitely redefine your workouts. While there are numerous options in the market today, you can easily get the ideal indoor cycling shoes by considering the four factors mentioned above. Additionally, feel free to choose from one of the three best makes described earlier in this guide.