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Portable Bike Took Kits

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Last updated on 7 May 2021 10:53

Most cyclists have been there; your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere, miles away from a repair shop. You think how easy it would have been to repair the issue and keep cycling if only you had the right tools. Normally, bicycles can keep functioning even with numerous defects. A good bike will still be usable even with a slightly bent frame, wobbling wheels, rusty nuts and bolts, and some loose connections here and there. However, there will always come a time when the bike needs attention. Whether this happens when you are out on a ride or just relaxing at home, what is certain is that you need a toolkit to get the repairs done.

A portable bike tool kit comes with various tools. The specific assortment of tools varies from one manufacturer to another, but generally, a good kit should have sufficient ones to get you of commonly occurring bike problems. This guide will tell you in detail the best toolkits you can purchase today and what to look for before choosing one.

Best Portable Bike Tool Kit

BIKEHAND 17pc Bike Repair Tool Kit

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BIKEHAND 17 Piece Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit Set Maintenance Kits with...

Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:53



  • Extremely wide assortment of tools
  • Comes with a high-quality storage case
  • Generous manufacturer’s warranty


  • Wrenches are too thin
  • Metal alloy used on the tools is a bit soft

As you can guess, the BIKEHAND 17pc Bike Repair Tool Kit comes with 17 different tools to help you carry out different bike repairs without needing to get professional assistance. Here is a look at the list of included accessories.

  • 8mm hex key wrench (YC-812L)
  • Bottom Bracket wrench (YC-27BB)
  • Cartridge B.B. tool (YC-26BB-1A)
  • Chain rivet extractor (YC-325P2)
  • Chainring nut wrench (YC-271)
  • Crank puller (YC-216C)
  • Flat 5mm /Phillips screwdrivers (YC-611)
  • Dust cap wrench (YC-27)
  • Flat screwdriver 3mm (YC-612)
  • Freewheel turner (YC-501A)
  • Hub-cone spanner 13, 14, 15, and 16 millimeters
  • Lockring remover (YC-126-1A)
  • Pedal wrench (YC-161)
  • Spoke wrench 0.127”, 0.130”, and 0.136” (YC-1A)
  • T25 patch kit (YC-123)
  • Tire lever (YC-3123)
  • YC-637 Torque Wrench

If you are looking for a toolkit with an outstandingly generous assortment of tools, this is definitely among the best options to consider. The kit contains tools to cover pretty much every element of your bike. Additionally, the tools come packed in a well-designed case complete with a durable metallic clasp. This prevents your tools from inadvertently falling off, getting lost, or becoming messy.

The kit’s Taiwan manufacturer includes a 2-year warranty. The only minor qualm with this kit is the somewhat soft metal alloy used in the tools. While they will work on most basic repair procedures, they may not be ideal for those requiring a lot of force.

WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Mechanic Repair Tool Kit

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WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Bicycle Cycling Mechanic Repair Tool Kit...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:53

$9.99 $16.99


  • Extremely nice tire pry bars
  • Sufficient selection of tools
  • Comes in an extremely compact case


  • Not ideal for procedures requiring extreme force
  • No space assigned for the extra Allen wrench

The WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Mechanic Repair Tool Kit comes with sufficient tools to carry out 16 different repairs. Designed to be easily portable thanks to its compact case, this kit lets you ride with the confidence that a minor breakdown will not leave you stranded on the roadside. Here is a look at the tools included in this kit.

  • 3 Tire Pry Bars
  • Allen key: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6 millimeters
  • Flat wrench 8, 10, and 15 millimeters
  • Inner hex spanner 3, 4, 5, 2, 2.5, and 6 millimeters
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Slot type screwdriver
  • Socket extension rod
  • Socket Wrench:8, 9, and 10 millimeters
  • Spoke wrench

The package also comes with an extra 4-millimeter Allen wrench to loosen or fasten the toolkit’s hinges. The WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Mechanic Repair Tool Kit should be enough to give you peace of mind regarding basic repairs and adjustments. The tire pry rods, in particular, are quite handy and compact. However, like other portable toolkits, the included accessories are not strong enough to withstand processes requiring extreme force.

Hommie 16 in 1 Bike Repair Tool Kits w/ Saddle Bag

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Hommie Bike Repair Tool Kits, 16-in-1 Bicycle Saddle Bag with Repair Set,...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:53



  • Quite cheap
  • Reflective strips improve visibility
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Hooks on tire levers are too short
  • Bag straps are not too strong

The Hommie 16 in 1 Bike Repair Tool Kits w/ Saddle Bag is extremely lightweight and ideal for people to whom weight is a huge factor when cycling. However, do not let the portability or lightweight fool you; this kit is as good as any other portable one. Here is a look at the tool included in the kit.

  • 3 tire spoons
  • 6 glue-free tire pads
  • Hex wrench 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm each
  • One 14GE rim accessory wrench
  • One cross screwdriver
  • One hex wrench 8mm/10mm/ 15mm
  • One sleeve extension rod
  • Socket wrench 8mm/9mm/10mm each

The tools are made from high-quality stainless steel (for the metallic parts) and ABS plastic (non-metallic parts). This combination of materials results in excellent durability, sturdiness, and compactness. Unlike other kits, the Hommie 16 in 1 Bike Repair Tool Kits comes with a handy saddle bag to further enhance portability. The bag features reflective strips on its sides for better visibility. You can also choose to hang taillights off the saddlebag to raise visibility a notch. The only issue with this kit is its overly short tire levers.

DAWAY A35 Bike Repair Kit w/ Mini Pump

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DAWAY A35 Bike Repair Kit - 120 PSI Mini Pump & 16...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:53



  • Comes with a pump which is quite rare for tool kits
  • Nice collection of tools
  • 6-month guarantee


  • Bag is not very durable
  • Seam-work on the Velcro straps is not very strong

The DAWAY A35 Bike Repair Kit w/ Mini-Pump is extremely functional and can save from numerous minor bike breakdowns. The kit has 16 tools, all designed for various functions. It includes:

  • 1 sleeve extension rod
  • 2 different screwdriver types
  • 4 flat wrenches
  • 3 socket spanners
  • 6 inner hexagon wrenches

With this kit, basic bike repair and maintenance procedures are a breeze. Besides the repair and maintenance tools, this kit also comes with a mini bike pump, strong enough to inflate a bike tire to the desired level. The pump can effectively inflate a tire up to 120psi and supports both the Schrader and Presta valves.

Additionally, the DAWAY A35 Bike Repair Kit comes with glue-less tire tube patches to help easily fix those occasional punctures when riding. With all tools in the bag, the kit is light and portable enough to take with you without adding too much weight to your bike. Keep in mind the bone hexagon wrench included as a gift should not be used to remove the tires. The manufacturer backs up this kit with a 6-month warranty period within which buyers get free after-sales service.

The biggest qualm with this kit is definitely the less than impressive bag quality. Strong shocks from uneven surfaces may cause the Velcro straps to snap.

XCH Bicycle Repair Kit & Bicycle Tire Pump

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Bicycle Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump, Home Bike Tool Portable Patches...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: 7 May 2021 10:53

$26.89 $32.89


  • Extremely helpful selection of tools
  • Comes with a mini pump
  • Entire kit is fairly priced


  • Quite bulky
  • Metal used to make the tools is not very strong

The XCH Bicycle Repair Kit comes with a mini bike pump to help you inflate your tires to the required psi. With this kit, you have easy access to pretty much every tool you require to carry out basic repairs and maintenance on your bike. Here is a look at the bundled tools.

  • Bone Wrench 6-15mm
  • Hex wrench 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6 millimeters
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Slotted Screwdriver
  • Socket Extension Rod
  • Socket Hex Wrench 8/9/10mm
  • Solid Wrench 8/10/15mm
  • Spoke Wrench

The biggest downside with this toolkit involves its significant weight with all the tools included. If weight is an essential factor for your cycling routine, you might find this kit a bit bulky. Besides that, it is a nice purchase.

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What to Look for When Buying Portable Bike Tool Kits

Carrying out repair and maintenance procedures on a bike is an inevitable part of a rider’s life. When on the road, such repairs require one to have a portable toolkit. Like most other bike accessories, one can easily get confused by the numerous options available in the market. With kits of different sizes, colors, tool assortments, and weights, how do you choose the ideal one? Well, we have come up with the essential factors you shouldn’t overlook when purchasing a portable toolkit.

Easy to Use

Having a difficult-to-use toolkit is probably just as bad as not having one at all. As you can imagine, an overly complex toolkit would be hard, if not impossible, to use. When choosing a portable toolkit, it is important to have one with tools you can use without needing more knowledge. Tools such as wrenches, hex keys, and screwdrivers are among the simplest yet most useful tools one can find in a toolkit.

Additionally, if your toolkit comes with combinable tools, make sure that the joining mechanism is not overly complicated.


A portable toolkit is meant to remain on your bike when cycling. It is important to consider its overall thickness since this is linked to its weight. While a thick bag might be ideal for accommodating many tools, it will ultimately weigh you down and probably degrade your riding performance. Your kit needs to be as compact and portable as possible without sacrificing the most useful tools.


A kit’s sturdiness has to do with how stable it feels when attached to your bike. You wouldn’t want a kit that sways and wobbles when you ride. Such unwanted movements could result in poor bike control and even injuries. Ensure that the kit you purchase has robust strapping mechanisms to hold the kit steady on your bike. Additionally, the inside of the toolkit should have a structure that holds the tools in place, preventing unwanted shakes.

Assortment of Tools

The tool pack kit you buy should have a variety of tools. Remember that you may not always have access to a bike repair specialist every time you want to. Therefore, these essential tools will come in handy when your bike breaks down when on a ride. However, be sure to confirm that the package does not have irrelevant tools that add to the kit’s weight.

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While often overlooked, a bike repair kit is an essential component. Choosing the ideal one should not be very hard, especially after considering the factors mentioned above. If you have found the existing options overwhelming, the five best toolkits described earlier have hopefully made your choice easier.

Last updated on 7 May 2021 10:53